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Diamond Magic Self Adhesive Liquid Eyeliner

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1. Shake the eyeliner a few times before using it, and promptly after use
Close the pen cap.
2. Draw the eyeliner several times, especially the inner and outer eye, this
The adsorption force will be stronger.
3. Put on false eyelashes before the liquid eyeliner is dry and press gently
The stem is more docile.
4. Remember to clean the eyelashes in time after each use, increase eyelashes.
Can be used as eyelash glue,
Can also be used alone as an eyeliner

Name: Magic Self Adhesive Eyeliner
Color number: black
Net weight: 1.5ml
Shelf life: 3 years

Package Content:
1 x Eyeliner Pencil

A: Pearl diamond
B: Pink leopard
C: Blue
D: Sequined rose gold tube

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